hello lovelies!

in line with government guidelines, the harlequin is now temporarily harleclosed *sad face* please stay safe over the coming weeks, and we hope to see you all again very soon.

(well, we hope to see some of you. not all of you, obvs, we’re really quite pleased not to have to deal with some of you right now. especially you, lenny.)

anyway, we are still operating as a take out between 5pm – 9pm each evening as we have a licence to sell alcohol for consumption off the premises. if you get in touch with us via e-mail (harlequinpub @ gmail.com) or text (0779 415 6916) to arrange collection, that would be good. we can let you know what we have available, get your order ready for you, and you can collect at the door.

we also have some food stocks that we’re passing on at trade prices, and we can order other things in from our suppliers (eg, fruit, vegetables, dairy, eggs, bread, meat, etc) to save you queuing in supermarkets if you’d rather avoid them right now. we don’t have any transport but if you are local, we’ll happily try and bring things to your door if you’re staying home. and if you fancy some ready meals to take out, we’re regularly making batches of pies, moussakas, etc, and can make chip butties to order – please contact us in advance to check availability and/or make special orders.

we are also posting regular quizzes online for you to play! the first couple are available at:




links to additional quizzes can be found here

any questions or comments, or if you just want to say hi (from an appropriate distance) then please do drop us a line!

love, hq xxx