a quiz? on twitter? are you *insane*?!

yes, apparently.

last night, the harlequin rashly decided to host a twuiz. yep, that’s right – at the same time as the quiz was taking place in the pub, we decided to post a random selection of 5 very random questions on twitter. so while trying to make sense of my hastily scribbled notes   well crafted and carefully honed questions and making sure that the garlic bread for the buffet wasn’t burned, i was tapping away and judging who had the fastest finger in the west. congratulations this time to @Nickiquote who stormed into the lead and won convincingly, and thanks to everyone else who played along. thanks especially to @uddersorchard who, as well as making some wonderfully delicious cider and perry, provided the inspiration for this. and, unbeknown to him (so far) featured in one of the quiz questions this week :)

actually, it was great fun (and much more popular than we were expecting!) so we’ll be making this a regular feature. hopefully just having 5 questions posted instead of the full 25 meant that the twuiz wasn’t too spammy for those not playing. but if you *do* want to see the rest of the questions, these are posted below for your enjoyment. or torture. if you’ve never played the harlequin quiz for real (and yes, i’m quite scared that posting the full horror here might mean that you’ll never venture down here ever again) here are a few pointers for you:

  • there is a theme that runs through the answers
  • some answers in consecutive questions are linked together to make them fit the theme
  • there are some truly, truly tortured soundalikes in the answers (which are secretly always my favourite part)

so, enjoy! btw, we’re always happy for guest quiz masters to come and play, so if you fancy having a go at writing and hosting a quiz yourself, get in touch. pretty please…

(oh, and we’re working on ways of awarding prizes for twuizzers – stay tuned, one day i might figure something out.)

quiz – 25th april 2012

  1. which sheffield landmark building was designed by e vincent harris, built at a cost of nearly £500,000 and opened in 1932?
  2. a one word answer that links a medical condition, a stephen king novel, a 1995 faithless song, an annual music festival?
  3. the capital of austria takes its name from which river?
  4. woodthorpe hall, udders orchard, and mr whiteheads are associated with which drink?
  5. portia, antonio and shylock are from which play?
  6. leslie sebastian charles was born in 1950 in trinidad and tobago. his family moved to england when he was a child, and he took his eventual surname from the estate where he was living in the 1970s. his first album was self-titled, and well known hits include carribean queen and when the going gets tough.
  7. picture 1 (below) – the death card from a deck of tarot cards is associated with which number?
  8. the antoinette perry awards are more commonly known as what?
  9. yellowstone national park has entrances in 3 states: wyoming, idaho, and which other?
  10. akbash, american eskimo, bolognese, carolina and dunker are all breeds of what?
  11. which journalist was born in 1923, was one of the first newscasters for itn, and chaired question time for 10 years?
  12. blankety blank time! *blank* and coffeespoons was the title of a crash test dummies song from 1994?
  13. in 2010, which comedian described an encounter with an audience member whose daughter suffered from down’s syndrome as “the most excruciating moment of my career”?
  14. picture 2 (below) – who is it?
  15. which cheshire town is formerly the home of rolls royce, and is also the headquarters of the bargain booze chain of off licences?
  16. which maximum security prison is located in ossining, new york. the phrase “up the river” meaning “in prison” derives from its location on the hudson?
  17. stephanie cole and graham crowden starred as diana and tom, residents of bayview retirement home in which sitcom from the early 1990s?
  18. picture 3 (below) – which figure is depicted?
  19. picture 4 (below) – who is this?
  20. picture 5 (below) – ray bolger played which character in the wizard of oz?
  21. which illustrator and political cartoonist created the opening sequence for yes, minister as well as designing and directing the animation for pink floyd’s the wall?
  22. dirk benedict played smooth talking conman templeton arthur peck in the a-team – what was his character more commonly nicknamed?
  23. what is the postal abbreviation for the state of maine?
  24. this actress was born in 1938. she began acting at the age of 4, and died in 1981. an investigation into her death was re-opened in late 2011 based on new witness statements. who is she?
  25. this british entertainment (*ahem*) magazine was launched in 1999. in 2007 it got into trouble for using an image of jordan’s son, but had a better year in 2009/10 when it spearheaded a campaign advocating the banning of sunbed use for under 18s. winners of its annual weird crush award have included derren brown (?!) and jeremy clarkson (bleurgh). what is it?

25 april quiz – pictures :)


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