return of the twuiz

here you go people – the quiz from which this week’s twuiz was taken. erm…enjoy? x

(btw – be warned – as always there is a link between the answers; as always, some of these are tenuous at best…)

  1. who did grace kelly marry in 1956?
  2. “let’s fly way up to the clouds away from the maddening crowds we can sing in the glow of a star that i know…” which song?
  3. in charlie and the chocolate factory who is judged to be a bad nut?
  4. which west yorkshire town is the birthplace of yorkshire captain andrew gale, as well as betty boothroyd, baroness warsi, and eddie waring?
  5. title of a 1995 post-apocalyptic film starring kevin costner, at the time it was the most expensive film ever made?
  6. in the world of horses (?!) walk, trot, canter and gallop are all types of what?
  7. which tv personality, actor (erm…) and former mayor was born in highgate tube station?
  8. this fashion retailer started life in 1948, began trading as lewis separates from 1 store in london. other names in its past have been concept man and chelsea girl. what is it now known as?
  9. mckinley morganfield was born in 1913 (or 1915, depending on which version of things you believe) and died in 1983. by what name did this blues musician become known?
  10. picture 1 (attached) – dennis the menace, gnasher, minnie the minx, plug and…who’s the other one?
  11. picture 2 (attached) – real name ian watkins, better known as …?
  12. if you had a brace of pheasants, how many pheasants would you have?
  13. what links a novel by pauline reage, short river in devon, 2001 film based loosely on othello?
  14. mickey mouse debuted in 1928. what was the name of the third production in which he appeared?
  15. picture 3 (attached) – what kind of berry?
  16. “they said there’ll be snow at christmas they said there’ll be peace on earth but instead it just kept on raining a veil of tears for the virgin birth” – which happy go lucky singer had a hit with that song?
  17. picture 4 (attached) – who?
  18. which battle took place on 18th june 1815 in belgium?
  19. picture 5 (attached) – one of these people is raymond burr, who is the other one?
  20. which fairy story features a poisoned apple and a glass coffin?
  21. what links a pen, a juggling pattern, and britain’s largest* monastic ruin? (*possibly!)
  22. picture 6 (attached) – one of these people in jonny wilkinson, who is the other one?
  23. on 22nd november 1963 jfk was assassinated. 2 famous authors also died; one was aldous huxley, the other was an irish born novelist and poet perhaps best known for a series of children’s fantasy novels. who was he?
  24. thought to be the oldest city in ireland, and associated strongly with the production of crystal. what is it?
  25. this beer was first brewed in sheffield in 1948; by 1992 it was the highest selling bitter in the UK. a long running advertising campaign featured 2 characters getting into scrapes in various overseas locations. what is it?

02052012 pics


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