in gin we trust

gin 098well, what a lovely night we had in the name of gin. here at the harlequin – frequently renamed the harlegin – we love gin. can’t get enough of the stuff. and we wanted to share that love with some of our punters as part of our tasty thursday sessions. if you missed it, here’s a quick summary of what happened (details become a little sketchy in places…i’m sure you can understand why…).

gin 110firstly, we created our very own pop-up gin parlour complete with decadent decorations, resident gin soak [hi there!], and – of course – a selection of gins and genever. these included – but were not limited to – zuidam young grain genever, professor cornelius ampleforth’s sloe gin, sipsmith, and plymouth. we also had a small stash of fever tree and 1870 tonics, cucumber water, angostura bitters, and noilly prat – which we’ll return to in a minute. we also had some very very lovely music in the shape of a wax cylinder set which helped set the mood.

gin 067

gin 048 copyfellow gin enthusiasts [henceforth referred to as trainee soaks] were given a tasting glass of each gin in turn, and our resident gin soak wittered on incessantly about various episodes in the history of genever and gin, as well as information about the producers and styles of gin that were tried. our whistlestop tour started with genever, and travelled through versions of plymouth, old tom, sloe gin, and london dry, stopping for a quick pause for homemade gin and tonic sorbet along the way. trainee soaks were encouraged to sample each gin neat in order to appreciate the aromas and flavours; mixers were suggested for each style for those who either a) weren’t feeling so hardcore and/or b) wanted to understand how mixing or lengthening a drink would affect the taste and aroma – gin and tonics, pink gins, gin and cucumber, and martinis were all swilled appreciatively :)
gin 029gin 030

a massive thank you to those people who made it happen: to mr brew company for helping with the decorations and printing gin quotes; to the chef for putting together the canapes, cucumber water, and tray of botanicals for people to play with; and to the lovely participants who got into the spirit [no pun intended] of things, believed what i told them, and didn’t object to me drinking at them from a tasting glass that was 10 times bigger than their glasses. *mwah*

we’d love to run a similar session again, so if you fancy it we’re happy to tailor a session for private parties, or you could just register your interest for a future session. we’re also in the process of planning a gin club – more news on this soon once we’ve ironed out the finer details, but it will be *very* exciting. it’s about gin, how could it not be?!

and…shameless plug time: our next tasty session is focussing on RUM!!! thursday 2nd august, £12 per person – please book in advance. pretty please?

*lots of gin hugs*
gin 023


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