knock knock, who’s there?


not the man who will drink anything
“anybody who is anybody will soon walk through that door…”






customer profiles #1: the man who drinks anything

in the absence of anything useful/interesting/clever/witty to say, quin and tonic thought it would be fun to offer you a glimpse into the wonderful world of its customers. names, professions and descriptions have been altered to protect the innocent – in fact some of the profiles are about types of customer rather than individuals – but we thought you might like to see some of the people who make our world tick.

so, first up, the man who drinks anything (or as he shall be known henceforth, mwda). he’s one of our favourite customer types. we might not see him very often, but he’s so wonderfully enthusiastic about ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING TO DO WITH DRINKING AND EATING that he makes working a pleasure (well, almost). in the pub we offer tasters of any draught products – with some drinks that are new and some that many customers are unfamiliar with, tasters can help making that all important choice easier. of course, some people do try to take the mickey (and we’ve all heard the immortal line “oh, i’ll not need to buy a drink will i, i’ll be pissed by the time i’ve worked me way down all these tasters, ho ho ho” – try it, and you met with a polite grimace and a withering stare; or possibly a blood curdling wail and/or a death threat depending on who’s working that day). but mwda’s view on tasters? “no, i don’t want a taster – give us a pint, and if i don’t like it i’ll just drink it quickly so that i can get something else to wash the taste away!”.

mwda also enthusiastically works his way around the food menu, and encourages whatever unsuspecting group he’s with to do the same. it goes without saying that his plates always come back with everything well and truly devoured.

i don’t think we’ve ever seen mwda in a bad mood, ever. sure, there are some things he doesn’t like – and importantly he’s not above asking for recommendations, or taking advice from whoever is working about whether a certain drink might be what he’s after – but whatever it is, trying it is just part of what makes life worthwhile.

when quin and tonic grows up, it would like to be mwda.

(speaking of drinking anything, keep your eyes peeled for our soon-to-be-launched thirsty thursday club, which will bring you special offers on food and drinks every, erm, thursday. to pre-register for information e-mail us at harlequinpub[@] and we’ll let you know when we’re ready to launch.)

chin chin! 


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