let’s get quizzical, quizzical…by popular demand*, quin and tonic is proud** to present last night’s quiz. but in WRITTEN FORM!!! it’s almost identical to the quiz, apart from the lack of microphone-related traumas, drunken revelry, prizes and garlic bread. oh, and some of the questions are a little bit different – there were 3 music clips but seeing as q&t lacks the time, patience and skills necessary to upload the correct portions of the songs, they’ve been cleverly re-written as lyric/song questions instead. there is a theme to the answers, and there are some quite truly atrocious soundalikes. enjoy***:

  • picture 1 (attached) – is a still from which film?
  • which song are these lyrics from? “i’ve seen it before it happens all the time you’re closing the door you leave the world behind you’re digging for gold yet throwing away a fortune in feelings but someday you’ll pay”
  • in morse code which letter is represented by one dot?
  • picture 2 (attached) – painting is called son of man, but what type of hat is pictured?
  • picture 3 (attached) – mr happy, mr greedy, mr bump and…which other mr?
  • the following are all breeds of what? friesian, frizzle, lincolnshire buff, nankin bantam, transylvanian naked neck, orpington
  • blankety blank! what word is missing from this quote from romeo and juliet: “a BLANK on both your houses”)
  • in july last year, who blamed a broken toe for his defeat at the hands of wladimir klitschko?
  • which song are these lyrics from? “sun lights up the daytime moon lights up the night i light up when you call my name ’cause i know you’re gonna treat me right”
  • who played pc nick rowan in heartbeat, and was also responsible for the vomit-inducing**** single every loser wins?
  • what links abu hamza, a fictional pirate, and a co-founder of joy division?
  • what does the oed define as any number of creeping or burrowing invertebrate anials with long slender soft bodies and no limbs; also a weak or despicable person?
  • picture 4 – who?
  • which drinks manufacturer produce lipton ice tea, rubicon, orangina, and tizer?
  • what one word links the following: an american humour magazine, a nickname for george the third, and a river in ohio?
  • which motorcyle manufacturer produces bikes known as vulcan, eliminator, and ninja?
  • in 1831, a wing of the french army was formed for foreign nationals wishing [for some godforsaken reason…] to fight for france. what are soldiers who serve in this wing of the army known as?
  • picture 5 (attached) – 2004 film starring jamie foxx, what was it called?
  • intergalactic and pass the mic are songs by which band?
  • what is described as: “a long narrow valley resulting from the subsidence of land between two parallel faults often associated with volcanism. a well known example can be found in east africa.”
  • what is the name of the rugby league team whose stadium is on st michael’s lane in headingley?
  • what is the name of the mountain range which stretches over 3000 miles from british columbia to the rio grande in new mexico?
  • picture 6 (attached) – eeyore, tigger and…who else?
  • picture 7 (attached) – london based fashion designer, great granddaughter of sigmund freud. who is she?

*not really

**definitely not

***you almost certainly won’t

****medically proven FACT

quiz pics online


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