hallowquiz! it’s like our usual harlequiz, but it took place on halloween. and because quin and tonic is super generous, she’s bowed to pressure* and released it here, in all its gory, sorry, glory. well, actually that’s a slight lie – the music questions have been modified to account for quin and tonic’s technical incompetence, but EVERYTHING ELSE is exactly the same. you’ll have to provide your own heckles, drinks, and half time snacks too. but apart from that EVERYTHING ELSE is EXACTLY the same. oh. and there aren’t any prizes. BUT apart from ALL THOSE THINGS then EVERYTHING ELSE is EXACTLY the SAME, OK?

so, usual format: there is a theme running through the answers, and there are some truly shameful soundalikes. more importantly beware of instances where the answers to consecutive questions might link together to form an absolutely shocking soundalike. no refunds. mwah-hah-ha-haaaaaa -vv-

  1. what is the name of the traditional hungarian dish consisting of meat, potatoes, vegetables and paprika which takes its name from the hungarian word for herdsmen?
  2. what was the title of the 2003 film starring charlize theron as a serial killer?
  3. picture 1 (attached) – who is stood next to paul simon?
  4. MUSIC QUESTION – which song is this *plugs in ipod* bawwww bawwww bawwwww bawwwwww —- baaaawwwwwwwwww, ba da da da da baaaaw —- ba ba baaaaa, baaa, ba baaaaaa
  5. aladdin, baby bear, cinderella and fairytale are all varieties of which plant?
  6. the latin name for this plant is hamamelis, its extract is an astringent used to treat bruises, cuts and swellings. what is it known as?
  7. picture 2 (attached) – who is the non-stuffed toy in the picture?
  8. bustopher jones, mister mistoffelees, mungo jerry and rumpleteazer are all characters from which musical?
  9. picture 3 (attached) – this is a swiss coin, what is the currency of switzerland?
  10. what is the chemical symbol for nitrogen?
  11. picture 4 (attached) – this is a picture of chalky, who did he belong to?
  12. which crime fighting super hero shares its name with an assistant to a british military officer?
  13. MUSIC! which film is this piece of music from *plugs in ipod* za! za! za za za! za! za za zaaaa zaaa zaaa zaaaa zaaaa zaa zaaaa zaa, zaaaa zaaa zaaaa zaaa zaaa zaaa zaa za za! za! za za za! za! za za
  14. in the game of cribbage the phrase “two for his heels” refers to which type of playing card?
  15. anthracite, lignite, and bituminous are all types of which rock?
  16. who did pj and duncan grow up** to become?
  17. which beer, produced by wychwood, is marketed with the slogan “what’s the matter lagerboy, afraid you might taste something?”
  18. which fictional character attempts to circumnavigate the globe for a wager of £20000?
  19. in 1989 salman rushdie was subject to a fatwa sentencing him to death following the publication of which novel?
  20. MUSIC! which song is this *ipod* da da da daaa — da-da-daa daaaa, da da da daa daa da da daaa
  21. MUSIC! who sung the song in question 20?
  22. where in london would you find speakers corner, rotten row, and the diana princess of wales memorial fountain?
  23. picture 5 (attached) – is a rolls royce, this model was first introduced in 1925, what is it called?
  24. picture 6 (attached) – is from monsters inc, the monster is called sulley, who is the child?
  25. FINAL MUSIC! which film is this from *ipod* bing bing bing bing – bing bing bing – bing bing bing bing – bing bing bing bing – bing bing bing  bing – bing bing bing bing

*it’s not entirely clear who this pressure came from…let’s just call them “an unnamed source”

**in the loosest possible sense of the phrase…

spooky quiz pics


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