gin club! gin club! excellent!

not the man who will drink anything

you’ve all been waiting so patiently for this, but i *promise* you it’s been worth it. yes, that’s right, it’s the launch of our long-awaited gin club! we’re also launching it alongside our slightly less gin-centric thirsty thursday club for extra fabulousness.

so what’s the deal? gin club – for an annual fee of just £25.00, you get the following:

  • a shiny personal membership card
  • 10% discount on any premium gin and/or premium gin and tonic
  • 5% discount on any premium rum and/or premium rum and mixer (because we know gin fiends also sometimes like rum)
  • priority booking for any gin tasting events
  • regular(ish) gin-related newsletter
  • automatic membership of the thirsty thursday club

ooooo, so how does the thirsty thursday club work?

well, basically, you sign up for *free* (wooo) and once a week we’ll contact you with special offers that are valid that thursday. how terribly exciting! and you’ll also get regular updates about events in the pub and advance notice of any tasting evenings.

we’ll be launching gin club with a special gin palace night on thursday 6th december from 8.00pm onwards. tickets for this event are priced at £5.00 – a ticket gets you one free premium gin, and there will be some fancy cocktail snacks available too. there will be a special focus on american gins on launch night, but the full range will be available for you to choose from.

please buy your tickets in advance from the bar. any queries, let us know – you can get in touch via e-mail at harlequinpub[@]

gin gin!


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