let them feed cake!

it has been said that we like a drop or two of rum. and we can’t deny it, it’s true.

so we’ve had a slightly nutty idea, which goes a little something like this: every couple of days between now and christmas, we’re going to feed our already-quite-high-abv christmas cake with a different rum from our selection. (this includes our private selection of rums in the secret cupboard marked “landlady’s stock only GET YOUR HANDS OFF IT IT’S ALL MINE”.)

so, first up, we thought we’d jump straight in with one of our favourites: rumbullion! this is an amazing spiced rum. some of us would happily elope with this rum and start a new life on the high seas. and it comes in an exceptionally cool looking bottle.

made from a blend of caribbean rums, this is intensely orangey on the nose with hints of vanilla and rich spices. a juicy, warming, and ridiculously easy to drink rum on its own or over ice, if that’s more your thing.

next cake feeding will be in a couple of days, so stay tuned :)

(the fruit that went into the cake was soaked for 3 weeks in a mixture of amontillado sherry and captain morgan rum, in case you’re interested.)



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