let them feed cake – catch up!

oooops. to be honest, this is probably a stupid time of year to try and write stuff up regularly. the cake is looking very nice and sticky now, and smelling like an explosion in  a rum warehouse. but in a good way.

over the last few days, here are the lovelies that have gone into it:








i’m a recent convert to havana club – never tried any of them until recently, but the 7 year old is now a firm favourite. rich and complex with hints of honey, spice and – possibly – tobacco? definitely woody/oaky, and a lasting finish.

r.l. seales 10 year old – i’ll be honest, i bought this on the strength of the bottle shape, without actually knowing anything about it. a bit lighter in colour – sort of mid-goldish – but still rich in flavour, and very smooth. almost buttery and with a hint of vanilla. lovely rum from barbados.

and finally, koko kanu. if you like coconut, you’ll love this. rich and very smooth, very natural tasting (unlike some other coconut based drinks out there…). easy to drink, crystal clear, from jamaica.

so, that’s us caught up for now. more updates to follow. honest :)


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