absinthe: all aboard the charenton omnibus!

absinthe-webwhat’s that you say? an absinthe tasting night?!: erm, yes! 5 tasters of some lovely absinthes plus a shot of your favourite from the night; lots of absinthe history and facts (and possibly a little myth-busting); and some snacks to get you through the night.

when?: thursday 4th july, from 8.30pm.

how much?: £20 per person – please book in advance by e-mailing or phoning us, or by calling in to see us.

i’ve heard stories about absinthe making people a little…well, you know…not quite right – will this happen to me?: it does have a bit of a reputation*, but you’ll be fine. probably. well, let’s just wait and see, shall we? you’ll be in good hands…and remember: what happens in the harlequin, stays in the harlequin :)


*absinthe fact no.1: in 19th century paris, absinthe had such a bad reputation that it was known as the charenton omnibus – the suggestion being that consumption of it was a surefire way of ending up in the lunatic asylum at charenton. teee-da!


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