town branch bourbon

20130809_180704a while ago, we were lucky to be given a bottle of town branch bourbon, produced by alltech’s lexington distilling company from…well, from lexington, kentucky. unfortunately we don’t have very much left (*coughs innocently*) but i thought it was worth doing a quick review, for those of you who care about these things (and i know you all do…)

packaged in a good, solid, old-fashioned bottle, this looks the business. the colour is a lovely light amber, similar to buffalo trace, and the initial smell is light and grassy. there isn’t much woodiness behind it, but then as a relatively young bourbon this shouldn’t be too surprising and the freshness is very pleasant. selflessly, i tried this side by side with buffalo trace so i had something to compare it with, which made the lack of oakiness more apparent.

the freshness continues with the initial taste and (*refills glass*) – where was i? oh yes, taste. there’s an almost citrussy flavour to it which leads to a light soft brown sugariness. this is possibly a little too drinkable! very easy going, and the fact that the whole bottle is nearly gone attests to this, but personally i’d like to try it after it had been aged a little longer.

the finish is as you’d expect – a slight warmth and a rounded but lingering lightly sweet flavour that makes you want to – well, pour another one.

all in all then, a very pleasant bourbon. i imagine this would be particularly good for someone new to bourbons as an introduction to some of the flavours without too much complexity. as mentioned earlier though, i look forward to (hopefully!) trying a slightly more aged version of this in the future.


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