ho ho ho!

well, halloween and bonfire night are safely out of the way now. soooooo…


here’s christmas!

please see below our all new and shiny christmas menu. christmas dinners are available for pre-orders only (minimum of 72 hours notice please) for groups of any size. or on your own, if you prefer (bah, humbug). if you’re feeling adventurous and fancy trying our 6 (6!!!!) course food and drink pairing menu, you’ll need a group of 6 people or more – again, minimum of 72 hours notice required.

ummm…if you have any specific dietary requirements beyond meat eater or vegetarian, please let us know and we can advise you about allergies, or alternative dishes to suit.

please be aware that some days are already booked up during december, so the sooner you can let us know the better; and if you want to eat during december but from the regular menu, again, we recommend booking with us as soon as possible as we may only be able to offer a limited menu on some days.

any more questions, give us a shout :) usual contact details (e-mail: harlequinpub[@]gmail.com; phone 0114 275 8195; or text 0779 415 6916)




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