let’s get past bonfire night first, shall we?


those of you who know the harlequin will know that we just *love* christmas. nothing better than the festive cheeriness and tinsel.

and yes, by popular demand, we will once again be serving christmassy dinners throughout december. however, one of the things that makes christmas so special is NOT THINKING ABOUT IT TOO BLOODY EARLY. i mean, without naming names, there was a bar in town who had a christmas tree up and a christmas menu on display in july. SODDING JULY!

so we’re going to hang on just a little while longer before finalising the menu. we have got plenty of bookings in already, though, so if you do want to book drop us a line. for reference, last year’s menu was £14 for 2 courses, or £18 for 3 courses, and we don’t expect any major changes to the format this year, although some of the starters, the vegetarian option, and some of the puddings may be slightly different. you can have a look at last year’s menu here if it will help. if you have any specific dietary needs, please let us know so that we can plan around them. and of course if you want something more informal we can arrange buffets for you. we’re good like that.

give us a shout if you have any questions, either by: replying to this post; e-mailing harlequinpub[@]gmail.com; texting 07794156916; or phoning 0114 275 8195 [though be warned, the landline is a bit crackly sometimes, so we may spend most of the time shouting HELLO CAN YOU HEAR ME CAN YOU SPEAK UP A LITTLE BIT PLEASE I’LL JUST GO SOMEWHERE QUIETER SORRY]


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