dear lovely customers,

as some of you will have noticed our kitchen has been operating at a somewhat reduced capacity this week. (some of you probably haven’t noticed, and i guess the vast majority of you don’t really care – in which case, feel free to skip this post!)

if you want the short version of this story: we are only able to offer a limited menu of sandwiches and chips at the moment; the exception to this rule is sunday roasts which we are doing at a slightly reduced capacity at the moment, with service times of 1.00pm-3.00pm sundays only.

but for the tiny minority of you who are wondering why you can’t get any hot food apart from chips, here’s the deal:

last week we noticed what appeared to be a faint gas leak in the kitchen, and thought at first that this would be a relatively quick fix. however, it turns out that not only was this “proper fucked” but also that the problem was with the gas supply within cooker itself. so basically we need to await delivery and installation of a shiny new appliance before we can get back up to speed. we’ll also take a couple of days of intensive cooking to get everything re-stocked before we can start doing the full menu again.

but we’ll get there, honest! until then, we’ll only be able to do cold sandwiches and chips most of the time. the exception to this is sunday roasts where the non-gas bit of the oven works away to make all the roasty bits, and we’ve got a hot plate which lets us do the vegetables and gravy – albeit at a slightly slower pace than usual (2 x electric rings do not equal 6 x fearsome gas burners, unfortunately). and my selfishness in clinging on to a whole 3 hours sleep between saturday night close down and sunday start time means that we can’t start serving any earlier than 1.00pm. i know, i know. thoughtless and selfish. maybe the driver of that coach was right on saturday when he called me a “fucking halfwit” and said that i should be “fucking ashamed” for objecting to 20 drunk screeching women tottering through the pub carrying their own cans of lager just so that they could use the toilets. without asking. and without attempting to purchase anything from us. but that’s a whole other story.

*sighs* anyway, i’m off to chop some more potatoes and drown my sorrows in pints of hop monster and gin. btw, do you realise how many bottles of gin you could buy for the price of a new sodding catering cooker … ? :/


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