new summer menu! (or ovengatexit part 2…)


Hello :)

As some of you may be aware, we have been having a few issues with our cooker (the technical diagnosis being that the gas supply is “proper fucked”). This means that our kitchen is currently operating on a very limited capacity, and we’ve had to mothball our regular menu while we look at some long-term solutions. However …

… beginning Monday 11th July we are launching a new Summer Menu! (Although this may turn out to be a silly name as the weather appears to be resolutely un-summery.) This means that as well as our usual offerings of sandwiches and chips, we’ll be able to offer a selection of meals. We aren’t producing a printed menu as the items available will change regularly, but in general they’ll include things like:

  • lasagnes or moussakas
  • pies, flans/quiches (aka “fliches” because we can’t agree what to call them)
  • kebabs, falafels, curries
  • pizzas
  • salads

And we’ll always try to make sure that there are options available for meat eaters, vegetarians, and vegans (as usual, if you have any specific dietary requirements or allergies please let us know and we’ll do our best to help).

If you’d like to pre-order anything, the best ways to do this are via e-mail ( or text message (0779 415 6916) before 11am (for large groups, we recommend booking at least 24 hours in advance if possible). Most dishes will be available to take out as well, should you wish to go and sit in the rain …

The daily menu will be available online at and service times remain unaffected (Mon-Fri 12.00-2.00/6.00-9.00; Sat 12.00-5.00; Sun 4.00-6.00).

Sunday Roasts are still available every Sunday between 1.00-3.00 (meat and vegetarian options available as standard; vegan option available with 24 hours notice).

Thanks for your patience while we sort things out! xxx


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