#harlequiz online!

right then. in an attempt to distract myself from the incessant bloody roadworks and health and safety debacles happening on the street outside, i thought i’d upload a quiz from a few weeks ago. i know, i know, i’m just too good to you :)

so, 25 questions, with a theme running through the answers. this time, you’re looking for a 1 word theme. each answer will either contain this word somewhere, or will be a word or phrase which goes with the theme. the exception is that in once instance you will need to put 2 consecutive answers together to make a word or phrase which goes with the theme.

clear as mud? excellent. so for example, if the theme were “ball” (it isn’t) individual answers might include the following:

  • great balls of fire
  • johnny
  • foot
  • ballerina

and two consecutive answers might be:

  • the good the bad and the ugly 
  • it’s a bug‘s life

… to give you “ugly bug ball”.

right, that’s all the help you’re getting! have a look at the questions and the pictures in the attached files, and enjoy (or don’t, it’s entirely up to you, obviously) x

harlequiz questions

harlequiz pictures



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