right then. i have made a ridiculous promise on twitter that i will donate a percentage of friday’s takings to women’s aid. this is a silly thing to do. but i wanted to explain a little about why – about why this stuff matters and about why this in particular matters so much that i won’t stop banging on about it. so i’ve had a little conversation with myself, transcribed below for your … erm, enjoyment seems like too strong a word, so … for your whatever. remember, the deal is that i will donate the equivalent of 5% of this friday’s takings to women’s aid regardless of what happens. i will donate extra money for every retweet that links to this post up until we close the doors on friday night.

are you still banging on about that misogynist song?

yes. yes i am.


because this stuff matters. it is not one of those things that i can get angry about temporarily and then get distracted by something shiny.

but you’ve never had any interest in politics before have you? you’re notoriously apathetic about pretty much everything.

not strictly true. yes, i’m notoriously apathetic. and i have never had any interest in party politics – over the years i have lent my vote to 4 different parties depending on the issues that seem important at any given moment. so this is 100% not about party politics. what it is about is …

hang on, i can sense a rant coming on. can i get a beer first?

oh sure, sorry. anyway this is only supposed to be a short post because i really don’t …

*slurps* right, what were you saying?

umm, something about the fact that of the few things i do care desperately about, this concerns 2 of them:

  1. sheffield. i love this city. it’s been my home for 42 (*sobs*) yes 42 years. i know, i don’t look a day under 50.
  2. also, the fact that it is never ok to want to “smash [a woman] in her face”.

and somehow, a man who wrote a song called “i wish i were a misogynist” and was so proud of it that he’s put the recording on myspace …

sorry, ON WHAT?

myspace. it used to be a thing back in the day. anyway, he wants us to disregard this song because it was written when he was 21. 21! not 15, but 21, when he’d been an adult for quite a few years already. at the age of 15 he knew he wanted to be a politician. he’s also a journalism graduate, so should have some idea about the power of words, and how things can be construed/interpreted. anyway, stop interrupting. this man has somehow ended up representing a part of the city that i love. and he is completely unapologetic about that song and the feelings expressed in it.

have you finished talking yet? i just went to get another pint.

almost. but just one more thing for now. someone defending him on twitter said that the song was ok because: ‘like he “wishes he was a misogynist” so he could let his feelings of anger out’. why on earth would you wish that you could use a woman as a punchbag? even ironically (as rent-a-mouth from reverend and the makers suggested). this is not ok, not ever. not for anyone, and certainly not for someone representing the public. you, me, your mum, your sister, your daughter. and to remain completely unapologetic about it is sickening.

finished yet?

for now, yes. there are some images below to give a bit of context. this is something i plan on re-visiting with another blog post soon, any feedback and comments more than welcome. thanks for listening x


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