thank you! x

right then. firstly, many many thank yous to everyone who supported, retweeted, and were generally lovely about our plan to donate the equivalent of 5% of friday’s takings to women’s aid. while i’m not going to reveal the exact amount going to the charity, i will be adding £75 to the total on the back of all the various re-tweets and messages. a special thank you also goes to those of you who made a personal donation to the charity. i should make it clear that women’s aid have never asked for any of this support and have not sanctioned or even commented on any of the stuff we’ve been doing. and that’s totally fine.

why women’s aid in particular? well just over a year ago we hosted a charity event for someone who was raising money so that she could run the 2016 london marathon in aid of women’s aid. she was a survivor of domestic abuse who had accessed help and support in association with women’s aid and wanted to give something back. she approached us to ask if we could help, and her bravery, honesty, and all round awesomeness stuck with us. we always planned to do something else to help, and the current level of anger i feel about the misogynistic wazzock now representing sheffield hallam as its mp provided that spur. so if we’ve managed to turn that into something concrete and positive, then i reckon that’s something good that can come out of this. *happy face*

it won’t stop me trying to bring this current state of affairs into a wider conversation. call it trolling if you like, but as i’ve said before this kind of stuff is too important to let go. anyway, because of the time of year (and especially with the ongoing roadworks outside the pub) we’re fairly quiet at the moment so while i’m loitering around during my kitchen shifts, and can’t be doing anything practical or useful in case someone orders some food, i have plenty of headspace to think about things like this 😈

so anyway, thanks again for the support. we might do something similar next month, for refuge, who are also awesome x


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