*insert some terrible straw pun here*


right then. we’ve been contemplating this move for a while: briefly, from monday 3rd july we’ll no longer be giving away single use, plastic straws. from this date, we’ll be switching to biodegradable straws, and we’ll ask for a minimum 5p donation to charity for every straw used.

5p for a straw?! this is yorkshire, for god’s sake …

hmmmm. well, we don’t use lots of straws anyway (we don’t put them in drinks unless someone asks for one, and not many of our drinkers ask for straws … thankfully).  but hopefully we can play our part in raising awareness about how damaging plastic can be for the planet (see greenpeace, for example) and encourage people to say no to straws elsewhere. and, also, we can hopefully raise some money for some well deserving charities.

when you say “charities”, do you really mean the landlady’s benevolent fund for supporting gin production?

no! actual real charities.

which ones?

well we’ll start off with refuge – i know, they’re not an environmental charity, but they do some awesome work which we’d like to support. if you’re interested in why we’re focussing particularly on women’s charities at the moment you can have a look at this excellently moderate and well thought out post  inane rant and brief follow up. but don’t feel obliged, it’s just a little pet obsession of mine :)

any other eco-warrior, planet-saving initiatives planned?

there’s no need to be so sarcastic now. over the next few weeks and months we’ll look at other disposable things we use too – eg, plates and cutlery for buffets, take out cartons for food, etc – with a view to reducing single-use, non-biodegradable things over all. one step at a time, eh?


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