harlequiz online :)

in theory, i should be writing tonight’s harlequiz. ok, not in theory, in practice. but i thought i’d procrastinate a little by uploading last week’s quiz instead :)

the theme this week is a word: the first 7 questions relate to the theme in a very specific way; the remaining questions contain the theme, or something that sounds like the theme, as a hidden word somewhere. the pictures for the picture questions are attached below. got it? excellent, crack on! (or don’t, it’s entirely up to you.)

  1. blankety blank question to begin: a person who is always eager to undertake hard or unpleasant tasks is known as a BLANK BLANK BLANK
  2. picture 1: name these two characters (you only need 1 name for the theme)
  3. this is the opening line to an updated classic novel, what is the title of the novel (clue: the last 2 words of the title are “and zombies”): “it is a truth universally acknowledged that a zombie in possession of brains must be in want of more brains”
  4. picture 2: what is this
  5. which 1939 novel by john steinbeck is set during the great depression and tells the story of the joad family who set out for california
  6. 3 word saying meaning someone who enjoys living to the full, also title of a lana del ray album, and an iggy pop song
  7. picture 3: which word is missing from from this gucci perfume
  8. dictionary corner: which word can be used instead of tendons or ligaments, and is also used to describe something that gives strength, or something that binds together
  9. lyrics question, which song are these lyrics from: when i look back upon my life it’s always with a sense of shame i’ve always been the one to blame for everything i ever do no matter where or when or who has one thing in common too BLANK BLANK BLANK
  10. picture 4: where is this
  11. the leaves and flowers of the grand wormwood plant are used to produce which beverage
  12. dictionary corner: which word means relating to or resembling bears (no, it’s not bearish … )
  13. picture 5: who is the male actor pictured
  14. the song bippidi boppidi boo appears in which 1950 disney film
  15. what links john wilkes booth, lee harvey oswald, james earl ray, and charles j guiteau
  16. the area of land from which all the water flows into a particular river is known as the river what
  17. picture 6: who is this
  18. what name is given to the substance produced from the dried swim bladders of fish
  19. which word is missing from these 2 headlines: “huge BLANK swallows 2 houses and a boat in florida” [from the independent]; “BLANK appears on busy road in leicester city centre” [from the leicester mercury]
  20. picture 7: which musical is this poster from
  21. picture 8: what brand of sewing machine is this
  22. what is the title of the first james bond novel, also made into a film loosely based on the plot starring david niven
  23. dictionary corner: which 8 letter word can be used to describe an act of rebellion or resistance; a revolt
  24. which 1987 movie starring nicolas cage has the following plot: when a childless couple of an ex-con and an ex-cop decide to help themselves to one of another family’s quintuplets, their lives become more complicated than they anticipated
  25. what links the impression that something harmful or evil will happen with something on the left hand side

ta daaa! any comments or queries (or pedantry) please let us know :) x

harlequiz pix online


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