jared o’mara – again!

the lesser spotted jared o’mara is back! turns out that when the labour party said last year that “abusive, misogynistic, sexist language is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated in the labour party” they were only joking, lol. it appears as though if you stick to the party line, you’ll  be let off with the equivalent of a speed awareness course, your sins will be forgiven, and you’ll be welcomed back with open arms.

quite how they managed to drag this decision out over 9 months (coincidentally releasing their decision when england was somewhat pre-occupied with the world cup) baffles me. it really does seem as though they were hoping that everyone would forget about it and move on. utterly, utterly predictable unfortunately, and utterly depressing when you consider the swiftness and ferocity with which angela rayner and dawn butler very publicly condemned toby young in january.

hypocritical nonsense. what else is utterly predictable is the fact that some of us have absolutely no intention of forgetting about it and moving on. so, here’s a letter that i’ve sent today to my mp, expressing my disappointment with the decision. copies are also being sent to angela rayner and dawn butler, and i’d be more than happy for people to point their own mp in the direction of this letter if they feel that this is an important issue.

do i expect anything to happen as a result of this? no.

do i feel better for getting this off my chest? yes.

will i ever stop yapping on about jared o’mara, his blatant misogyny, and the currently morally bankrupt state of the labour party? probably not.

do i think the defence that labour are “no more morally bankrupt than the tories” is valid? hell no.

comments, feedback, and recommendations welcome, should you see fit :) x

jared o’mara letter

2 thoughts on “jared o’mara – again!

  1. Is the letter you refer to the one you wrote in January. I would be delighted to copy a letter to my MP plus with added comments I think the whole matter is disgusting, he is not reputable or fit to be an MP, he wasn’t even vetted by the Sheffield Labour party to become the appointmented representative for Hallam. That in itself is illegal and he should have been dismissed, yet he continued to move forward, not correct procedure. Have your comments appeared on Facebook.

    1. hi barbara – thanks so much for your comment, and for being willing to follow this up! there’s a recent letter attached to this post, which you should be able to download as a pdf, and i’d be more than happy for you to forward this on with your comments. but really, anything you are able to do would be much appreciated. let me know if you need any more information. thanks x

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