#harlequiz online

after literally one request, i have bowed to pressure and put last night’s #harlequiz online for you to play with. you’re welcome.

there is a theme that links 24 of the answers, with 1 odd one out*; the theme is a word. it will either appear in each answer, or your answer will contain a word or phrase that relates to the theme. for example, if the theme is ‘ball’ [it isn’t] possible answers might include ‘football’, ‘ed balls’, ‘hot air balloon’, and ‘cricket’. clear as mud? excellent.

*there is also a secret hidden theme that links all 25 answers – the hidden theme may or may not become obvious as you get more answers. hmmmm.

enjoy! or don’t. it’s entirely up to you x

  1. one word answer, a word that goes with: mercury, krueger, or fox
  2. what is the name of the snack in picture 1
  3. by what name is venus known when it appears in the west after sunset
  4. BLANK BLANK is the name used colloquially to describe sirius
  5. stop the pigeon is the theme tune to which hanna barbera cartoon
  6. name the town marked on the map in picture 2
  7. picture 3 is from tv show boston legal, pictured are two of the named partners in the law firm crane, poole and schmidt; missing is the character played by larry miller, what was that character’s name
  8. BLANK are invertebrates which are members of the class asteroidea and include species such as the leather BLANK, comb BLANK, common BLANK, and the reef sea BLANK
  9. which city’s skyline is pictured in picture 4
  10. breed of dog in picture 5
  11. six letter word: give a spoken or written account of something; a piece of information that is unsupported by firm evidence; present oneself formally as having arrived
  12. which song was released by the rolling stones as a double a side with let’s spend the night together in 1967
  13. which 1954 musical starred judy garland and james mason, and is about an actor who helps a young singer find fame, even as age and alcoholism send his own career on a downward spiral
  14. which snack bars share their name with a word for a long arduous journey, especially one made on foot
  15. which service was launched on 14th november 1994 at waterloo
  16. which newspaper was founded in 1930 under the name the daily worker
  17. which company is the world’s largest manufacturer of musical instruments
  18. who became king of england in 1413 and died in 1422
  19. name of the plant in picture 6
  20. what is the capital city of the australian state of victoria
  21. the name of which brewery in the czech republic means old spring
  22. which lullaby wonders about an object up above the world so high
  23. the daily BLANK is a tabloid newspaper which was first published as a broadsheet in 1900 by sir arthur pearson
  24. which 2005 film directed by guy ritchie stars jason statham and ray liotta and is about a gambler who enters into a game with potential deadly consequences
  25. name the year that links the following events: spain and portugal enter the european community; the statue of liberty is reopened following extensive refurbishment; l ron hubbard and pat phoenix die; the voyager two space probe makes its first encounter with uranus



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