events and music

we have regular events at the harlequin. whether your thing is music, games, quizzes or tasting nights, we’ll have something to suit you. honestly, we will.

our themed quiz night (a.k.a. harlequiz) takes place every wednesday from 9.30pm. free to enter, the winning team receives £15.00 of bar tokens to spend in the pub. a special runner up prize of a bottle of wine is awarded weekly, usually for the team with the most entertaining team name (although we have also been known to award it for impromptu dancing…).

our regular jazz and swing night features music from sheffield legend ralph salt and his friends. this takes place on the second thursday of every month.

all live music starts at 9.00pm (ish), and all music nights are free to attend.

if you’re in a band and are interested in playing here, get in touch with details of where we can listen to your music.

***please note: as a result of current government advice regarding social distancing we are cancelling live music events; it’s a heartbreaking decision, but given what we know about the spread of the virus, it’s more important to stay safe. hopefully see you all soon xxx***

want to get in touch? either fill in the contact form directly below, e-mail us at harlequinpub[@], leave us a comment at the bottom of this page, or have a word with us next time you’re in the pub. thanks!

11 thoughts on “events and music

    1. Hi – yep, just noticed the site hadn’t updated – ooops! We’ve got Mahogany Newt this Friday at 9pm, then Jonny 7 on Saturday night too. Will update site with future bookings in a minute. Thanks for the comment :)

  1. Some bands for you
    excellent band with large following
    highway child
    also excellent with good support
    Come on fellow Harley suppers lets have some ideas instead of the same old bands

  2. Keep on being told what a great pub you are, would love to do a gig for you, Red Hot n’ Raw RHYTHM n’ BLUES, more info on myspace, cheers, Reg Blues Train………………

    1. Hi Reg – would love to book you for a gig. Tried to e-mail you back regarding a date, but the e-mail keeps bouncing back. Do you want to drop me a line at harlequinpub[at], or phone us on 0114 275 8195 to arrange something? Ta, Liz

  3. very kind of you to say so. Must admit, we enjoyed ourselves. the new drummer is starting to bed in now. You never know, we may even learn a few new songs to add to the set next year.

    Paul (Vox & Blues Harp)

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